House, Senate Agree to Pay Service Members during Shutdown

Amid a partisan faceoff over legislation needed to keep the government open, House and Senate lawmakers approved a measure to ensure that service members and some DOD civilians get paid if the government shuts down starting today.

The House passed the measure over the weekend by a 423-0 vote, while the Senate cleared it Monday by unanimous consent, sending it to President Obama for his signature.

The bill would provide funds to pay members of the armed services on active duty, including Coast Guard personnel and reserve components, during a shutdown, according to CQ. Civilian employees and contractors whose work supports active-duty troops also would get paid.

In the event of a shutdown, all service members would be required to report to duty, along with civilians who support military operations and those needed to maintain critical services, such as police, fire and emergency medical. In the absence of the legislation, those personnel would be paid retroactively after a funding measure is passed.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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