IMCOM, Other Army Missions to Suffer Civilian Reductions

The Army will reduce the size of its civilian workforce by more than 8,700 people by September 2012, with Installation Management, Army Materiel and Training and Doctrine commands, and the department’s headquarters, absorbing 80 percent of the cuts.

All together, the cutbacks will affect more than 30 different commands and agencies, the Army announced last week. The reductions are needed to comply with the lower funding levels called for in the president’s fiscal 2012 budget.

“We are in a very challenging fiscal environment and understand the impact these cuts will have on our civilians and their families,” said Thomas Lamont, assistant secretary for manpower and reserve affairs. “Tough choices have to be made, but we’ll make them in a thoughtful and deliberate manner that best supports the Army’s mission.”

Affected commands and agencies will have 30 days to develop plans and schedules to carry out the workforce reductions, and to identify organizational and personnel actions needed.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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