Lawmakers Want Better Data on Underutilized Property at Installations

The House Appropriations Committee has asked the Pentagon to prepare a plan for maximizing the use of its facilities in an effort to cut costs, according to its report accompanying the fiscal 2015 military construction-veterans affairs spending bill.

The panel said it was concerned that DOD is not updating its non-BRAC real property inventory database in a timely fashion, hindering the department’s ability to “maximize the utility of existing real property and to reduce taxpayer expenses.”

The lawmakers urged DOD to include a number of components in the report, which would be due 90 days after the spending bill become law:

  • its strategy for maximizing the use of its facilities, obstacles to carrying out the plan and progress to date;
  • efforts to collect and analyze data on real property utilization;
  • the number of DOD facilities with a utilization rate below 66 percent, including those with a zero percent utilization rate;
  • mitigating factors explaining why facilities in the database are listed with a zero percent utilization;
  • annual cost of maintaining and improving underutilized and unutilized facilities; and
  • DOD’s efforts to dispose of underutilized and unutilized facilities.

The committee report is available on its website. The panel approved its draft FY 2015 milcon spending bill last week.


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