McCain to Take up Defense Spending Bill Mantle

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) Wednesday vowed to introduce a full-year fiscal 2011 defense funding measure as an amendment to the next short-term continuing resolution (CR) brought to the Senate floor.

“If needed, I will amend any new short-term CR to restore the full amount of defense funding that the Pentagon has repeatedly requested and that our men and women in uniform desperately need for this year,” the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee said in a written statement.

Over the past several months, senior Pentagon officials have said that if the department is forced to operate on continuing resolutions for the remainder of the fiscal year, it would receive $23 billion less than the $549 billion it requested for FY 2011.

“We simply cannot continue to fund the Department of Defense by passing two week-by-two week continuing resolutions while we are fighting two wars,” McCain said. “We owe our troops in combat the full-year defense appropriations bill that Secretary of Defense Gates has told Congress repeatedly is absolutely necessary.”

A similar effort to pass a 2011 defense spending bill separately was cut short after the Senate shut off debate Monday on a patent reform bill, preventing an amendment offered by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) from coming to a vote on the chamber floor.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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