OEA Adjusts Selection Criteria for BRAC Transportation Funding

DOD’s Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) released minor revisions Friday to the criteria it will use to award grants for the construction of transportation improvements outside medical facilities gaining new patient care activities as a result of BRAC 2005.

The spending bill Congress passed in April allocating funds for the remainder of fiscal 2011 included up to $300 million for states and local agencies to upgrade transportation infrastructure needed to accommodate growth at medical facilities.

One criterion now makes explicit that when assessing the magnitude of the transportation problem proposed projects are intended to address, officials will consider impacts on the surrounding community as well as on the medical facility, according to the Sept. 9 Federal Register notice. The other criterion OEA changed now lists examples of factors officials will consider in determining the extent to which a project resolves the transportation issue; for example, improving vehicular and non-vehicular access, or reducing parking demand.

Applications for transportation improvements grants under this program are due Oct. 7, according to the July 21 Federal Register notice that first announced the program.


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