Pentagon to Revise Road Funding Criteria

In response to recommendations in a congressionally mandated study, DOD will revise the eligibility criteria for determining whether the Pentagon will foot the bill to upgrade local roads projected to experience significant congestion as a result of mission growth at a neighboring installation.

The announcement was included in the written testimony submitted by Dorothy Robyn, deputy undersecretary of defense for installations and environment, last week to the Senate Armed Services’ Readiness and Management Support Subcommittee. The report, released last month by the National Research Council’s Transportation Research Board, said the eligibility criteria for the Defense Access Roads program are flawed. Requiring traffic to double in metropolitan areas is impossible in regions that already are congested, it concluded.

“This revision will make it easier for us to mitigate adverse traffic impacts caused by the department’s actions, particularly in congested urban areas,” according to Robyn’s statement.

Her testimony also provided an update on the department’s effort to issue a rule implementing the statutory changes Congress enacted in 2009 to the economic development conveyance (EDC) authority. DOD released a proposed rule in December, and officials plan to issue a final rule soon, Robyn stated.

The changes remove the requirement for the military to seek fair market value for BRAC property and also provide DOD flexibility for determining the consideration it receives for property.

“Our goal is to simplify and accelerate the EDC process by allowing both communities and the department to share in the success of redevelopment efforts,” according to her testimony.

Visit the Armed Services Committee’s website to read Robyn’s statement.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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