Policy Bill Calls for Assessment of Shipyard Infrastructure Needs

The Navy will need to evaluate the condition and efficiency of each of its shipyards, and prepare a list of improvements needed to modernize each facility, under the conference agreement for the fiscal 2012 defense authorization bill approved last month.

The comprehensive report, due Sept. 1, 2012, will include a number of elements for each Navy shipyard:

  • a description of the operations, support required and the age of facilities;
  • a review of past workload requirements, an assessment of efficiency and an estimate of planned workloads through the current future years defense program;
  • an evaluation of the adequacy of facilities to carry out depot-level maintenance, maintain quality of life for the workforce and meet the service’s energy-savings goals;
  • an assessment of conditions of all facilities, including a review of existing and projected deficiencies;
  • a description and cost estimate of projects needed to modernize facilities or improve efficiency; and
  • an investment strategy to correct identified deficiencies and improve efficiency, including timelines and cost estimates to complete each project.

The provision, section 2865, originally was in the Senate’s version of the legislation. The conference report for H.R. 1540 is available on the website of the House Rules Committee.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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