Readiness Remains Army’s Top Priority, Vice Chief Says

Readiness Remains Army’s Top Priority, Vice Chief Says

Some of the Army’s priorities for modernizing its equipment and weapons are being sacrificed amid the growing demands and stringent budget caps facing the service, Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Daniel Allyn said Monday at the Heritage Foundation.

“It is, fundamentally, a math problem,” Allyn said. “Our focus is on readiness, to ensure no soldier, no unit, is sent into a mission for which they’re not prepared. The downside of that is we are definitely facing the potential that two to three years down the road, to ensure we deliver the most modern equipment possible, is where we have accepted risk,” he said, reported Army Times.

About 18 percent of the Army’s budget is devoted to modernization. “If you look at the 700 to 800 portfolios we currently have for equipping our Army, that gets spread very, very thin,” Allyn said.

The Army is slowing improving its readiness, however, according to the story.

“While our surge capacity has not been growing because emerging demands have continued to place a high premium on that, we’ve been able to build the leadership experience of our tactical commanders to be able to respond to high-intensity combat should it emerge,” he said.

Allyn pointed to the Army’s shrinking end strength to explain Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley’s recent comments that the service is in a state of “high military risk.”

“You have to respond to one near-peer competitor and near simultaneously deploy forces to deny the objectives of another. Therein lies the stress as we’ve gotten smaller,” he said.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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