Senate Appropriators Concerned about Installations’ Water Security

The Senate Appropriations Committee underscores the need for military installations to reduce water consumption by adopting conservation, reuse and recharge practices, according to the report accompanying the FY 2017 military construction-veterans affairs spending bill.

The services should incorporate conservation technologies into new infrastructure design and to upgrade existing infrastructure to increase its water efficiency, the committee report says.

The committee encourages DOD to consider water conservation projects even if they can’t be justified on the basis of cost savings, as many technologies for increasing water efficiency do not result in competitive returns on investment.

The panel directs the department to prepare a report on the status of water demand and potential conservation opportunities across U.S. military installations. The report, due six months after the spending measure is enacted, should address:

  • current water usage on installations;
  • the vulnerability of each installation to water scarcity;
  • water conservation potential measured by both reduced water use and cost savings if existing technologies and efficient design were implemented at military installations.

The committee advanced the milcon spending bill, which recommends $7.9 billion for military construction and family housing programs, on Thursday.


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