Senate Panel Asks DOD about Plans for Dealing with Excess Properties

Senate Panel Asks DOD about Plans for Dealing with Excess Properties

With long-standing questions remaining about the condition of the Pentagon’s vast real estate portfolio and whether it has adequate resources to sustain it going forward, the Senate Armed Services Committee directs the department to provide a report on various aspects of its installation management activities, including how it targets maintenance funds to the highest -priority facilities and its long-term plans for dealing with excess properties, according to the committee report accompanying the Senate version of the fiscal 2019 defense authorization bill.

“The committee believes it is critical that DOD make cost-effective decisions about how to manage this large facilities portfolio including excess facilities by appropriately targeting sustainment funds and disposing of or effectively reusing excess facilities where possible,” the report states. The panel notes the department can use existing authorities to dispose of some of its excess capacity. “Even in the absence of a Base Realignment and Closure round, DOD should effectively use all available and existing authorities to appropriately manage this facilities portfolio,” the report states.

The committee directs DOD’s assistant secretary for energy, installations and environment to submit the requested report with its fiscal 2020 budget request. The report should address:

  • what progress the services have made since the planned end of the demolition program in 2013 in disposing of excess facilities and by what means other than BRAC;
  • how the military services prioritize facilities for disposal and the services’ plans for disposing excess properties via non-BRAC authorities through the end of the current future years defense program;
  • how DOD and the military services target facilities maintenance funds to ensure the highest priority facilities are properly maintained over excess facilities;
  • the department’s long-term strategy for ensuring that excess property is disposed of through non-BRAC authorities and how facilities maintenance funds can be more effectively used; and
  • what progress the services have made moving from leased space to excess space on installations and granting space to non-DOD tenants when it is consistent with the installation’s military mission.

In addition, the panel directs DOD to brief the congressional defense committees on the report’s findings by Jan. 30, 2019.


Photo courtesy of Army Corps of Engineers


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