Spending on Unused Buildings Prohibited, under Appropriations Bill Amendment

The Defense Department would be barred from spending money maintaining facilities it no longer uses, under an amendment intended to eliminate wasteful spending that was approved last week during House debate over the fiscal 2015 defense spending bill.  

“With the Department of Defense managing hundreds, possibly thousands, of buildings and structures it has rated at zero percent utilization, this common sense measure could save the American taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in this year alone,” according to a written statement from the amendment’s sponsor, Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Fla.).

Murphy sponsored the amendment, which is not targeted at installations closed through BRAC, as part of a larger effort he is leading to cut wasteful spending across the federal government. Lawmakers added the same language on the House floor to the defense appropriations bill last year.

The House passed the underlying $491 billion spending measure, H.R. 4870, Friday. Separate amendments passed last week would bar DOD from spending any funds to plan for or carry out another BRAC round, and prevent the department from carrying out the Air Force’s proposal to retire its fleet of A-10 close air support aircraft.

All together the House considered 80 amendments to the spending measure, reported the Hill.


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