To Match Growth, Army Needs to Invest in Health Care Facilities, Committee Says

To address a shortfall in health care facilities at many Army installations experiencing rapid growth, the service needs to expand its capacity to handle medical needs, especially for families and children, according to the report accompanying the FY 2012 military construction and veterans affairs spending bill the Senate Appropriations Committee approved June 30.

The committee recommends the Army surgeon general work with Installation Management Command to ensure that adequate facilities for family and maternal and infant health care are included as priorities in the construction budget for growth installations.

The lawmakers also said they were concerned about the level of investment in water infrastructure at Army posts, particularly those in areas with growing populations and sensitive habitats. The Army’s focus on water conservation as demonstrated by its Net Zero Water pilot program is encouraging, the committee stated, but gains from the effort will only be realized if the service continues to invest in upgraded water infrastructure.

“As the Army looks at its ability to reduce pollution and limit effluent, the Army needs to look at prioritizing drinking water and wastewater improvements within the military construction program,” the report stated.

The committee report, S. Rpt. 112-29, is available on Thomas. The bill is a substitute version of H.R. 2055.


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