Trump Won’t Rule Out Shutdown This Month

Trump Won’t Rule Out Shutdown This Month

The scramble is on to pass a new continuing resolution to keep the government open past Nov. 21. House and Senate appropriators are discussing an additional stopgap bill to run into mid-December, according to reports.

While some lawmakers have proposed a CR that stretches into February, House and Senate leaders worry that would push the process into the thick of a heated election cycle, tempting lawmakers to punt yet again.

The talks seem to hinge on how much to allocate to each bill and possibly putting aside – for now – the thorny issue of border wall funding, which will only get thornier as the 2020 election approaches.

The House has passed 10 of the 12 annual spending bills. The Senate has passed four. None of them has been enacted.

President Donald Trump will not commit to keeping the government open after Nov. 21.

“I wouldn’t commit to anything,” he said Sunday. “It depends on what the negotiation is.”

Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class John Michelli


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