Top Army Officials to Meet With Community Leaders at Summit

With the Army expected shortly to announce how it will restructure its forces to shrink its end strength by up to 70,000 soldiers by fiscal 2020, top Army officials will hold a special meeting for community leaders at the National Summit later this month. 

Army officials will discuss community concerns about the pending downsizing, including its likely impact on the local economy, municipal services and schools, and the housing market. The meeting, scheduled for Monday, June 22 at 2 p.m., is intended to be member-driven, providing communities an opportunity to share their concerns and ideas with Army leadership.

The meeting also will act as a forum for communities to share lessons learned from past drawdowns, and is expected to cover a range of defense adjustment strategies.

The meeting comes as the Army is finishing its deliberations over what units and organizations will suffer cuts in the upcoming years as its active-duty end strength drops to 450,000, and possibly to 420,000. The realignment stems from the supplemental programmatic environmental assessment (SPEA) the Army released one year ago.

The SPEA built on the 2013 assessment that evaluated the impact of trimming active-duty forces from 562,000 to 490,000. The follow-on effort analyzed the impacts of a potential reduction of an additional 70,000 soldiers and associated civilians at 21 installations included in the 2013 analysis along with nine additional installations. A total of 30 installations could lose between 2,500 and 16,000 military and civilian personnel as a result of the Army’s two rounds of troop cuts this decade.

Serving as the meeting’s facilitators are:

  • Bill Parry, executive director, Heart of Texas Defense Alliance
  • Carl McLaughlin, executive director, Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization

Community representatives registered for the Summit should have received invitations to this session. If you did not receive one, contact Jason Baker at


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