GSA Initiative to Consolidate Federal Footprint, Boost Economic Development

The General Services Administration (GSA) will look for real estate deals that allow it to reduce the federal government’s footprint in downtown areas while promoting economic growth for communities, Director Denise Turner Roth said last week.

“It’s really how we try to seek to leverage our footprint in communities and support the economic visions of those communities while getting the best value for our partner agencies,” said Roth, after returning from a three-city tour to promote the agency’s new Economic Catalyst Initiative.

Deals under way as part of the initiative include:

  • GSA bought an office building in Detroit for $1 and will consolidate federal operations there with a $75 million renovation, combining agencies from across 40 locations in the area into the building;
  • the agency is proposing to swap its 14-acre Department of Transportation facility in Cambridge, Mass., which is located in a prime site for redevelopment, with a developer in exchange for a new DOT lab facility in the area; and
  • GSA plans to trade a 3.2-acre site sight near transit development for a Charlotte, N.C., courthouse that can provide the federal government with more office space in the city.

All three projects represent the initiative’s goal of identifying solutions that benefit GSA property management plans and spur economic growth, Roth said, reported Federal Times.

The agency now plans to look for opportunities across the nation, focusing on central business areas, transit areas and infrastructure, she said.


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