Port, Developers Pursue EUL at Cape Canaveral AFS

The Canaveral Port Authority is working with a development team to pursue an enhanced use lease for portions of the Middle Basin property at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in central Florida.

The development team — the Renuart/Larkin Group and Mid Atlantic Railway Services — is proposing to lease up to 2,000 acres at the 17,000-acre facility, reported Florida Today. Some of the land would be used for a business park for office, industrial and warehouse space. About 500 acres of Air Force property north of the port’s channel would be used to expand the port’s cargo operations.

“The Renuart/Larkin Group has extensive Air Force enhanced use lease experience, as well as expertise in dealing with Air Force procedural matters. Once this joint endeavor is negotiated, all terms and conditions are mutually agreed upon, and it has been reviewed by the Canaveral Port Authority counsel, this item will be brought to [the] commission for final approval and submission to the U.S. Air Force,” Jim Dubea, the port’s deputy executive director for government and strategic partnerships, said in a memo to port commissioners.

The port also is working with the Renuart/Larkin Group to study the feasibility of establishing a cargo rail route through the Air Force station. On Wednesday the port authority decided to ask the Surface Transportation to pause its review of alternative routes to give the port staff time to work with the Renuart/Larkin Group and the Air Force to assess a new route.

“Once a feasible route on the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is determined and the U.S. Air Force indicates approval of a rail route, staff will request from the commission that the Surface Transportation Board process be resumed so all routes can be properly evaluated,” according to the memo from Dubea.


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