Army, DOE Partner to Shave Energy Costs at Industrial Facilities

A partnership between DOD and the Department of Energy (DOE) launched four years ago to advance the federal government’s push to conserve energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels has found millions of dollars in energy savings at many of the Army’s industrial facilities.   

Recommendations generated by energy assessment teams organized by DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office have helped identify $8 million in energy cost reductions, reported the Army’s installations, energy and environment office.

The teams, made up of engineering professors and students from 24 universities across the country, recently completed energy assessments at three installations operated by Army Materiel Command (AMC) — Joint Systems Manufacturing Center Lima, Scranton Army Ammunition Plant and Iowa Army Ammunition Plant.

The Army then funded a team from Oak Ridge National Laboratory to evaluate other industrial sites using the energy conservation measures previously identified and applying other lessons learned. Those sites included Corpus Christi Army Depot, Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Holston Army Ammunition Plant and Radford Army Ammunition Plant.

Energy conservation measures included lowering compressed air system pressure, optimizing existing steam plant performance, repairing broken steam traps, turning off heat recovery and makeup air units on evenings and weekends, and replacing metal halide fixtures with more energy efficient lighting fixtures, according to the story.


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