Army Taps SunPower for Solar Project at Redstone Arsenal

The Army last week selected San Jose, Calif.-based SunPower Corp. to develop a large-scale solar power project at Redstone Arsenal, Ala., in the first task awarded under its $7 billion multiple-award, task order contract (MATOC) for renewable energy.

The project will provide up to 18,000 megawatt-hours per year of on-site renewable energy to Redstone, according to a release from the Army’s Office of Energy Initiatives (OEI). The project was open to proposals from 49 solar companies previously qualified under the MATOC, and is expected to include a lease and a power purchase agreement.

The Arsenal will consume all of the electricity produced by the project. The Army will purchase the power at a cost equal to or less than current and projected utility rates. SunPower will finance, design, build and operate the solar facility. In the coming months, SunPower and Army officials will discuss the technical and legal requirements of the project.

“I am excited to report that we are moving forward on the first of our two large-scale renewable energy projects at Redstone Arsenal — this solar project and a combined heat and power project,” Amanda Simpson, OEI executive director, said in a written statement.

“These two privately-financed projects will provide Redstone Arsenal with a sufficient and affordable energy supply to handle critical mission operations if the power from the grid is disrupted.”

OEI also is working on or has executed large-scale renewable energy projects in Alabama, Georgia, California, New York, Arizona, Hawaii and Maryland.


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