Army to Name ‘Net Zero’ Pilot Installations

The Army plans to announce April 19 which installations will participate in its pilot Net Zero Installation Initiative, a program intended to conserve energy, water and waste.

By 2020, the Army aims to have five posts in each of those three net zero resource categories, including one or more that are net zero in all three categories, reports the Army News Service.

Criteria that will be used to select the pilot sites include a demonstrated history of conservation, sustainability and use of renewable technologies, Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary for installations, energy and environment, told the news service.

A net zero installation is one that produces as much as it uses for a particular resource, such as energy, over the course of a year. A net zero water installation would rely on conservation and repurposing, such as by using grey water generated from showers and laundries for on-site use including irrigation. A net zero waste installation would need to reduce, reuse and recover its waste streams, converting them to usable resources and reducing or eliminating the need for landfills.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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