Electronics Recycling to Cut Landfill Use at Davis-Monthan AFB

In an effort to sharply cut waste, the family housing project at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz., is launching a program to recycle electronics waste, including televisions, computer hardware and cell phones.

The ultimate goal of the initiative is reduce the housing project’s impact on local landfills to virtually zero, according to Jim Switzer, project director for Lend Lease community Soaring Heights. In the first year of the program, officials hope to increase recycling by 50 percent to 210 tons.

Suburban Miners, the local recycler Soaring Heights is partnering with, will not charge the housing project for accepting the waste. The company has a strict “no landfill” policy.

Lend Lease plans shortly to expand the pilot program, along with Suburban Miners, to its housing project at Holloman AFB in neighboring New Mexico. A recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency found that 82 percent of electronics that reach the end of their lives are discarded in landfills with the remainder collected by recyclers.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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