California LRA Seeks Environmental Consultant

The City of Riverbank Local Redevelopment Authority (RLRA) is requesting statements of qualifications from experienced environmental consultants or consultant teams to assist with negotiations between the Army and regulatory agencies, and in the development of a fully executable environmental services cooperative agreement for the former Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant in northern California.

The general purpose of the proposal is to provide expert advice, specialized consulting and remediation services in the efforts to negotiate an early transfer cooperative agreement.

These services to the RLRA are to be provided in a two-phased contract that begins with support to the negotiating team in determining the scope of work and resulting level of funding, and the terms and conditions that the Army must provide so that the remediation can be accomplished. The second phase of the contract will be the performance and regulatory approval of the remediation work within the time allotted.

Submissions are due Sept. 16. To view the RFQ, please visit the RLRA website.


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