Oklahoma Needs Consultant to Map State’s Defense Industry Supply Chain

The Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology is issuing an RFP for “Oklahoma and the Department of Defense: Impacts on the State’s Economy and Workforce (ISEW) Supply Chain Mapping and Analytics.”

The project will utilize a supply chain mapping model performed by a contracted, nationally recognized independent economics and analytics firm with experience in the defense industry. Using this data, OSUIT will develop a strategy that capitalizes on the state’s competitive advantage within its defense industry and its unique education and training expertise. The comprehensive impact evaluation will provide supply-chain mapping of DoD contract awards, including sales and employment impacts from product/service codes to industries and occupations. It will provide clear and meaningful state, county, and metropolitan statistical area (MSA) level details about the current and projected economic impacts of DoD contract spending. Detailed tables will highlight spending by industry, estimated risk for DoD dependent occupations, and current and projected spending by product service category.

The project will be funded through DoD’s Office of Economic Adjustment. The full solicitation, OS-142100-JAB Economy & Workforce Supply Chain Mapping & Analysis for OSUIT-Okmulgee, OK, can be found on the university’s purchasing website

Responses from interested parties are due by 3:00 p.m. on Aug. 12.


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