Planning Commission Seeks Consultants for Diversification Project after Oshkosh Layoffs

The Oshkosh Region Defense Industry Diversification Initiative is a regional effort to respond to recent defense layoffs announced by the Oshkosh Corp. (OC) affecting a five-county region in East Central Wisconsin. Two project components are being released as separate RFPs:

(1)   The Defense Industry Supply Chain component seeks to create a web-based directory of Oshkosh region defense contractors, businesses and suppliers that is based on substantial research and information compiled during an initial supply chain mapping activity. The web-based tool will: 1) identify manufacturers and small businesses in the Oshkosh region (for the purpose of outreach to inquire whether they desire other assistance) impacted by reduced OC production and procurement and; 2) help other companies seeking to diversify their supplier base (or those that are just interested in more diverse contracting) to identify suitable firms in the Oshkosh region; and 3) identify and better align defense suppliers with opportunities that may exist in an expansion of advanced manufacturing opportunities, particularly within the aerospace/aeronautics cluster. The main users of the tool will be: entities seeking to provide assistance to impacted OC suppliers and businesses; and companies seeking to diversify their product market or supplier base. 

(2)   The Supply Chain Direct Assistance component will provide direct assistance services to expand the capabilities of the manufacturers and small businesses (supply chain) impacted by reduced OC production and procurement. This assistance will allow OC supply chain businesses to become more efficient, effective and competitive in defense, as well as other, manufacturing markets. Companies to benefit from this assistance will be identified primarily through a separate supply chain mapping initiative and its outreach efforts. The focus of this effort is to help individual companies recognize their core competencies to determine their opportunities for efficiency improvements that will position them to be more competitive.

Full versions of the RFPs are available on the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission website or by contacting Katherine Ahlquist, Economic Development Planner, at (920) 751-4770 or via e-mail at

The RFP establishes the following schedule:

Release Date:                           Feb. 17

Proposal Due Date:                March 17

Evaluation & Selection:       March 18-24

Contract Negotiations (estimated): March 25-31

Contract Approval:               April 1


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