State Seeks Project Manager for Study of Defense Manufacturing Supply Chain in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEC) plans to hire a senior project manager on a contract basis to coordinate a study on supply chain mapping.

The department has been awarded a grant from the Office of Economic Adjustment to determine the impact of DOD and related federal spending on Georgia’s economy by identifying the aerospace and defense industrial base down to the 4th tier suppliers, and mapping them according to NAICS and product or service codes. The analysis portion will include construction of an economic model to ascertain how vulnerable these programs are to changes in defense spending. Once this analysis is complete, GDEC can begin to develop strategies to maximize the economic benefit of the aerospace and defense industry in Georgia. This data analysis project will enhance existing state programs in workforce and economic development by providing accurate data and identification of supply and demand for products and skilled labor.

GDEC is seeking a senior project manager to assist in the coordination and completion of the supply-chain mapping. The senior project manager will work with a vendor of record, which is currently performing the survey and data collection of the suppliers in Georgia’s aerospace and defense industry. The primary role of the senior project manager will be to oversee the day-to-day operations of the grant, including overseeing deliverables, engaging and recruiting stakeholders, and leveraging relationships to achieve the goals of the grant, which are: 

  • understand the extent of the aerospace and defense contracting footprint in the state.
  • use a project manager as focal point for efforts to strategize how Georgia can reduce the reliance of regional businesses on defense spending and develop a diversification strategy and support system for those companies that are overly reliant on defense spending.

The complete request for qualifications is available on the GDEC website. For more information contact Brett Lacy, rapid response director, GDEC, at

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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