ADC Adds Two Categories to Defense Community Awards Program

The 2011 Defense Community Awards program includes two new awards, one recognizing energy efficiency partnerships and one for military families partnerships.

The Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Partnership award recognizes a public-public or public-private partnership created to achieve DOD’s energy efficiency/sustainability goals, including a reduction in energy intensity and increased reliance on renewable energy.

The Military Family Partnership award recognizes public-public and public-private partnerships, as well as non-profit agencies, that enhance quality of life for military families on issues such as education, childcare, healthcare, financial security, housing security, transportation and workforce development.

The Defense Community Awards Program recognizes communities and individuals that have proven excellence and leadership in transforming their communities or played a key role in helping their communities achieve their goals. The program also recognizes military leaders and private sector officials who have taken the extra step in forming partnerships with defense communities.

You can submit nominations for any of the 11 leadership, community/facility and innovation awards. This year’s process has been simplified to make it easier to submit nominations. Specific criteria for each of the awards, along with nomination forms, are available on the ADC website. Nominations are due May 27.


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