Air Force Plan for New Installation Support Center Still under Development

Further details about the organization the Air Force plans to establish to consolidate policy and oversight of installation and mission support activities across the service are not yet available as the strategy and implementation plans for the activity are still being developed, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Officials on Monday announced plans to stand up the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center as part of a larger effort to streamline overhead to meet a Pentagon directive to trim costs and staff levels by 20 percent.

At this point, the Air Force has not set a timeline for establishing the new support center, Sue Murphy, spokeswoman for Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), told 360. By the end of the month, however, officials plan to finish putting together a list of candidate bases to host the new organization. The center will report to AFMC.

Evaluation of the candidates and final selection of where the support center will be located is expected to be completed and approved by the secretary of the Air Force by the end of the calendar year, Murphy said.

The center will have about 350 employees, with many of the workers moving from other commands. Consolidating installation support across the service will result in a net loss of 923 positions at Air Force installations, according to an Air Force slide.

Meanwhile, the officer responsible for the strategy and implementation plan for the support center — Maj. Gen. Theresa Carter, special assistant to the AFMC commander — continues to craft the plan to stand up the new organization, Murphy said.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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