Army Compares Notes with Other Services during EUL Stand-Down

San Antonio — As the Army waits for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to finish a review of the Pentagon’s enhanced use leasing (EUL) program, senior officials have been meeting with their colleagues from the Air Force and Navy to look for ways to improve the way it carries out the service’s EUL program.

The action comes amid a temporary stand-down the Army put in place for the program late last year after the congressional watchdog agency began its review. At the time, the Army believed it would be able to lift the suspension early in 2011, but officials recently learned that the study will take longer than expected. With the draft of GAO’s study now scheduled to be ready in late April, the Army expects to restart its EUL program by the beginning of June, said Joe Calcara, the Army’s deputy assistant secretary for installations and housing. The next solicitation to industry likely would not occur for several months or more after the restart date, he added.

GAO is evaluating the Navy’s and Air Force’s EUL programs as well, but neither of those services opted to suspend its program.

The goal of meeting with representatives of the other two service’s EUL programs is to identify any significant anomalies between the way the Army implements the program and the approach followed by the other services. “We want to drive consistency,” Calcara said. Officials also want to learn about the best practices employed by the Navy and Air Force.

The Army will resume the program shortly, he emphasized. “We can’t not do EUL,” Calcara said.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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