Army Completes Last Major Transfer at Former Kansas Ammo Plant

The Army handed over 4,112 acres at the former Kansas Army Ammunition Plant to the facility’s munitions manufacturer, marking the next-to-last step in the lengthy process to transfer the property closed following the last round of base closures.

The Army still retains a 10-acre parcel at the 13,000-plus-acre facility in southeastern Kansas which contains the former administration building.

The transfer, announced by Day & Zimmermann Monday, allows the firm to continue operating at the plant in Parsons with nearly 130 employees. The transfer had been in doubt until March when the munitions contractor at the last minute opted to accept the terms offered by the Army.

The deal calls for the firm to accept responsibility for cleaning up the parcel in accordance with the purchase and sale agreement, reported the Parsons Sun.

“Now that the ownership uncertainties are behind us, our workforce is reenergized and refocused to move forward with facility plans that will expand our customer base, increase production and strengthen our workforce,” said Mike Yoh, president of munitions and government for Day & Zimmermann.

The assistant director for the Great Plains Development Authority, the plant’s LRA, was equally ecstatic. “Obviously we’re grateful to have the uncertainty for everyone involved in this transfer put aside, particularly for the employees,” Ann Charles told the Sun.

“With the sale, D&Z, [Labette] County and Great Plains all win and we were most happy to provide a congratulatory call when we heard the news. It was a great day for southeast Kansas,” she added.

Last August, the development authority signed the deed to take possession of 6,116 acres at the plant, now called Great Plains Industrial Park, under its economic development conveyance. The Army previously transferred 2,600 acres to the development authority.


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