Army Considers New Strategy for Preserving Industrial Base

Amid a climate of declining budgets for weapons spending, officials at Army Materiel Command (AMC) are conducting a comprehensive assessment of the service’s industrial base to assure its long-term viability.

Last week, AMC Deputy Commander Lt. Gen. Patricia McQuistion and a team of logistics experts visited Watervliet Arsenal, N.Y., as part of a year-long initiative to visit the nation’s depots and arsenals to learn about the challenges facing them and craft a new strategy to take advantage of their unique capabilities. The initiative is named, “Organic Industrial Base for Force 2025 and Beyond.”

“We can no longer make bold proclamations and then not take bold action,” McQuistion said, reported Army public affairs. “Now is the time to embrace change if we are to remain relevant.”

The July 1 workload summit held at Watervliet provided a forum to look at possible solutions to retaining the arsenal’s critical skill capabilities that have supported every soldier since the War of 1812, she added.

There is plenty of reason to remain optimistic about Watervliet’s future, McQuistion stressed. “As you recall in 1990, things looked about the same way as they do today and look what happened. You will get through this … as you will be needed again,” she said.


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