Army Looking at Excess Space at Installations

The Army is taking an inventory of its facilities to assess how much excess infrastructure it maintains, ahead of a recommendation to the office of the secretary of defense (OSD) about the need for a new round of base closures.

The Army maintains a lot of space and facilities that are not being utilized or are just partially utilized, Paul Cramer, deputy assistant secretary for installations, housing and partnerships, told the Army News Service. As a result, officials will recommend a new BRAC round be held in 2017, Cramer said.

The next step will be for OSD to send draft legislation to Congress, according to the story.

A new BRAC round would allow the Army to consolidate its infrastructure by closing underutilized installations, Andy Napoli, assistant for BRAC in the Army’s installations office, told the news service. The service believes defense communities should support additional base closures as a better alternative to watching the economic activity generated by a local post gradually dwindle as a result of budget cuts.

Under the BRAC process, a closure community plays a significant role in how an installation is reused, Napoli said.

A new round also would provide an opportunity for states to consolidate armories used by its reserve components and achieve cost savings, a positive outcome several states experienced following BRAC 2005, he said.


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