Bliss’ Growth Spurt Should Be Complete in 2014

The enormous infusion of personnel at Fort Bliss, Texas, will increase the post’s population from 25,000 soldiers now to 30,000 by 2014, establishing the installation as one of the Army’s premier “power projection platforms,” Bliss’ commanding general said Wednesday.

How significant of a role will Bliss play in supporting the Army’s combat operations? In January 2011, 1 percent of all soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq were from Bliss, Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard said during a “State of the Military” address, according to the El Paso Times. “It will be 12 percent by the end of the year,” he stated.

Area lawmakers have set their sights on a brigade in Germany that the Pentagon plans to bring home, but Pittard, who also commands the 1st Armored Division, said it is too early to tell where it will be based.

In response to the budget-cutting exercise under way at the Pentagon, Pittard said personnel will need to “be more efficient and effective,” but noted, “I think the impact on Fort Bliss will be minimal.”

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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