Ceremony Signals Property Transfer Coming Shortly to Ft. Gillem

The city of Forest Park, Ga., and the Army held a ceremony Friday to mark the transfer of much of the land at the former Fort Gillem.

The ceremony was only symbolic, however, as the city and the Army still need to complete the paperwork making the conveyance official, reported the Clayton News Daily.

“It’ll be a matter of weeks, not months” said Fred Bryant, executive director of the Urban Redevelopment Authority, who has been working for the city to secure the land since 2006.

The economic development conveyance calls for the city to pay the Army $15 million upfront and to pay another $15 million over the next seven years, according to Andy Napoli, the Army’s assistant for BRAC. The property will be transferred in two phases, with 770 acres being handed over initially, and 400 additional acres being turned over later.

“The guarantee of payment not only protects the country’s taxpayers, but it increases the likelihood of successful redevelopment for the city of Forest Park and residents through the region,” Napoli said.

The post’s reuse plan calls for it to become a logistics and industrial center.


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