Commission Recommendations to Benefit Military Families

Several recommendations from the congressionally established commission reviewing military compensation are expected to support military families, according to sources familiar with the final report.

The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission will recommend DOD build more child development centers on installations, a response to military families’ long-standing complaints about the lack of sufficient child care, reported Military Times.

The commission reportedly will call for preserving existing commissary benefits, including selling items at cost plus a 5 percent surcharge. That proposal would stand in contrast to the Defense Department’s fiscal 2016 budget request, which is expected to propose increasing prices at commissaries to fully cover their operating costs. That request is due to be released next week.

Another recommendation would call for consolidating the commissary and exchange systems, although at first they would keep their separate branding; i.e., Navy Exchange, Defense Commissary Agency.

The committee is expected to propose more far-reaching changes to retirement and health care benefits, including replacing the 20-year retirement benefit with other options that offer some benefits to personnel who separate from the military before reaching the traditional retirement milestone.

The commission’s final report is scheduled for release today.


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