Community Needed to Step up to Address Infrastructure Priorities at Beale AFB, Officials Say

Public agencies could play a larger role in helping Beale Air Force Base upgrade its electrical power and wastewater treatment systems and improve the northern California installation’s busiest gate, according to a Yuba County supervisor.

“Yuba County is looking to step in a little more intimately,” John Nicoletti told the Appeal-Democrat. “Whatever happens to the base outside the fence happens in the county first,” said Nicoletti, who also serves on the Beale Liaison Committee.

Dealing with Beale’s needs should help protect the installation from looming cuts, he said. Beale already is working with its neighbors to take advantage of the new authority allowing local agencies to collaborate with installations to provide base support services.

The city of Gridley is discussing an agreement with Beale to replace power poles on the base and train staff at Beale for working around high-voltage lines. Gridley also may be asked to provide a backup mobile portable substation in emergencies.

The installation also is considering obtaining additional power from Gridley and the Yuba County Water Agency. “All of that is being discussed heavily,” said Rep. John Garamendi (D).

Under another arrangement being discussed, Beale would send sewage to facilities operated by the Linda County Water or Olivehurst Public Utility districts to relieve its outdated wastewater plant, according to the story.

“If they can tie into Linda County or Olivehurst, both operators have the most modern systems that are available,” Nicoletti said.

To improve traffic flow at Beale’s Wheatland Gate, Yuba County could obtain funding for an overpass, Nicoletti said.


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