District Aims to Carry out Reuse of Walter Reed Efficiently

With the Army’s ceremonial closure last month of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, District of Columbia officials are hoping to redevelop their portion of the 113-acre site in northwest Washington quickly.

By the end of this week, the city may find out the exact boundaries of its tract, with the remainder going to the State Department, reports the Washington City Paper. Next the city needs to finish the update of its reuse plan to reflect the additional acreage it will obtain following the General Services Administration’s decision last year to relinquish the parcel it had originally requested. Following that, the Housing and Urban Development Department will need to review the plan and then the Army will conduct an environmental review. At the same time, city officials will attempt to gain approval for zoning for the site.

Optimistically, those steps could be finished within a year and a half, according to the story.

The District’s original plan calls for a mixed-use development with an emphasis on residential, retail and office space, along with a variety of public benefit conveyances.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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