DOD Unveils Online Curriculum for Transition Assistance Program

The Defense Department has introduced an online version of the curriculum for Transition GPS, the redesigned Transition Assistance Program (TAP) intended for separating service members.

“We recognize that many of our service members don’t have access to brick and mortar classrooms for transition instruction,” Susan Kelly, director of the Transition to Veterans Program, told American Forces Press Service. Placing the new curriculum on the Joint Knowledge Online portal — where military training curricula for joint applications already reside — will allow personnel to access it from anywhere in the world, she said.

The virtual curriculum is a major accomplishment in the TAP redesign, and represents the first time that the Veterans Employment Initiative Task Force — an interagency partnership that includes the Defense, Veterans Affairs, Labor and Education departments — has developed a complete curriculum for service members on one website.

The redesigned Transition Assistance Program asks individual service members to identify personal goals for their transition to civilian life and to help them to take the first steps toward those goals. A primary mission of the Transition GPS virtual curriculum is to help personnel meet the career readiness standards established by the Pentagon. The curriculum also can be used to help service members:

  • improve their job search skills;
  • learn about Veterans Affairs benefits;
  • learn how to find and apply to a college or university that fits their goals; and
  • start a business.

Kelly noted that personnel don’t have to be enrolled in TAP to use the program’s website. “Any service member can log in and use it, even years before they make the decision to transition to civilian life,” she said.

“You want to align what you’re gaining out of military training and experience with what you want to do as a civilian when you separate,” Kelly added.


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