EPA Decision Allows Early Transfer to Advance at McClellan AFB

The Environmental Protection Agency last week issued a record of decision for 130 acres at the former McClellan Air Force Base outside of Sacramento, Calif., paving the way for the Air Force to hand over additional property to the site’s master developer that has not yet been remediated.

McClellan Business Park LLC has been cleaning up contaminated sites at the 3,450-acre installation under a privatization process begun in 2007. Under the program, the Air Force transfers both property and the responsibility to clean up the sites to the developer, along with funding to complete the remediation. The Air Force retains the responsibility for cleanup of contamination in the groundwater and in soils deeper than 15 feet, including low-level radioactive contaminants.

“The vast majority of the acreage there is dedicated to future industrial use, that allows us to clean up to industry-use levels,” Bob Fitzgerald, the cleanup’s manager, told KFBK

EPA’s March 13 decision selects cleanup actions for soils across 130 acres in 43 separate locations. The cleanup will excavate and remove 60,988 cubic yards of soils contaminated with solvents, metals and other hazardous wastes and require land use restrictions to protect people and the environment from low levels of remaining contamination, according to an agency press release.


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