Fairfax County Critical of Army’s Building Plans at Belvoir

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is expected to ask federal officials this week to postpone more than $1.3 billion in capital projects planned for Fort Belvoir through 2017.

The 19 construction projects should be put off — according to a letter prepared by county staff intended for the National Capital Planning Commission — until officials address the impact of the population growth already occurring at the northern Virginia post due to BRAC, reported the Washington Business Journal. Belvoir, including the Engineer Proving Ground and Alexandria’s Mark Center, is slated to gain 18,000 new personnel.

“Many of the listed projects are very large in scope and will be major traffic generators that have significant impacts on the local road network,” according to the letter. The Army should make a “very significant commitment to roadway and transit improvements to offset the impacts of its proposed development and road closings on the surrounding communities,” it states.

The letter also is critical of the Army’s plan to build facilities for commercial services, including a hotel, commissary and fitness center, which “will undermine our efforts to revitalize the central Springfield and Richmond highway areas.” Establishing competing businesses on the post “has a strong negative impact on these county businesses and fails to integrate the post with the surrounding community,” it states.

The most expensive projects in Belvoir’s capital improvement plan include an office building for Army Contracting Command, a sensitive compartmented information facility, an airfield modernization and the National Museum of the U.S. Army. The planning agency is expected to adopt the federal plans for Fairfax County next month, according to the story.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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