Fort Monmouth Lowering the Flag Thursday

Fort Monmouth, NJ, will be closing this Thursday, September 15, marking the end of its 93-year run as an Army base.  Two official ceremonies are scheduled to formally close the New Jersey fort; the inactivation and color casing ceremony took place on Tuesday, and the final closing ceremony will be held on Thursday.  Most of the fort’s research and development mission has already been moved south to Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. and Fort Belvoir, Va., where more than 3,100 employees have already relocated with their positions.

The executive director of the Fort Monmouth Economic Development Authority, Bruce Steadman, hopes the buildings and property will be properly maintained once the Army leaves to preserve their value, and to keep the property attractive to potential lessees and purchasers.  Once the base closes this week, the Army will still provide gate security, while the state police will patrol the property.  Fire and emergency response will also be provided.

Additional details about the closing ceremonies can be found on the Asbury Park Press website.

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