Ft. Monroe LRA Aims for Seamless Transfer of Historic Post

Norfolk, Va. — The Fort Monroe Authority is intent on ensuring that most facilities at Fort Monroe remain in use after the Army turns over responsibility for running the 570-acre site on Sept. 15.

“We’re trying to blaze a different trail,” Executive Director Bill Armbruster said last week during a tour of the historic post held during the ADC 2011 Annual Conference.

To meet that goal, the LRA is encouraging the existing military families living on post to remain. While the Army is shuttering Monroe in September, many of the personnel on base work for the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command, which is only moving 16 miles away.

The authority has been leasing more than 100 of the post’s 292 housing units to military personnel and DOD civilians. Starting Aug. 1, the authority will take possession of the remaining residences and offer them to the general public. It also will take on a limited number of commercial properties.

A major push now for the authority is getting ready to manage and provide municipal services for the site when the Army leaves in September.

The transfer of the property from the Army will follow a separate timeline, however. The authority will gain some, but not all, of the property slated to revert to the commonwealth on Sept. 15. Until it transfers the remainder of the property, the Army will assume the role of caretaker for those buildings it holds onto.

The actual transfer will not be complete until early 2012. About 375 acres are subject to revert to the commonwealth of Virginia. Soon the LRA will apply for an economic development conveyance from the Army to obtain the remainder of the property.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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