Georgia Invests in Job Training Center for Service Members, Veterans

The state of Georgia is spending $10 million to build a training center for military members and their families in Warner Robins to help veterans earn academic credentials needed to enter the civilian workforce.

The Georgia Military and Academic training center, located next to Robins Air Force Base, is expected to support military personnel and veterans with education and training, credit transfers and job placement. Military members and veterans currently can attend many Technical College System of Georgia and Georgia University System schools to receive certifications in hundreds of educational programs, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“They really sacrifice so much only to be released from military service without a pathway to get a job that takes advantage of their great experience and global perspective,” said Patricia Ross, director of military affairs for the Technical College System of Georgia. “With the number of active-duty military and veterans in the state of Georgia, this truly is the right thing to do for those who have served voluntarily,” she said.

The center is scheduled to open in fall 2016. The initiative also calls for the state to work with the private sector to track hiring needs and secure commitments to hire veterans graduating from the training programs.

“They might have all of the experience necessary, but until you can convert that into something the civilian industry recognizes such as a diploma or certificate, it’s hard to get that job,” Ross said. “We’re looking to maximize credit for what they’ve learned during their military service either via training or experience and to shorten the amount of time they would need to take classes to receive that certification to walk right into a job.”


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