Horsham LRA Rejects Airport Option for Willow Grove

The Horsham LRA Wednesday denied two separate applications to turn the 8,000-foot runway at Willow Grove Naval Air Station into a general aviation airport, settling one of the key questions facing the suburban Philadelphia community as it plans the reuse for 900 acres at the air station.

The votes came during a public meeting held for the reuse authority to evaluate applications from 17 local agencies and nonprofits to receive a portion of the air station under a public benefit conveyance.

Before the votes, the reuse authority’s planning consultant said the two applications for Willow Grove’s airfield had shortcomings, reported phillyBurbs.com. The one from Montgomery County was incomplete, while the one from the Bucks County Airport Authority was missing financial data. The public and local officials have largely opposed retaining the runway at Willow Grove since the base was recommended for closure six years ago.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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