House Bill Would Ease Veterans’ Transition

The House on Wednesday passed legislation aimed at increasing the number of service members who find jobs after leaving the military.

H.R. 2942 would reauthorize the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Professional Certification and Licensure Advisory Committee, which managed licensing and certification for job training programs for veterans separating from the armed forces, reported the Hill. It is designed to help veterans who have the appropriate military training and experience for civilian occupations but lack required licenses or certification for those jobs.

“In a tough job market, this creates one more barrier for our transition military men and women that can mean the difference between finding and not finding a job,” said Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.), the bill’s sponsor.

“In addition to teamwork, perseverance, loyalty and leadership, our military service members possess technical skills that are valuable to employers,” Kirkpatrick said.


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