Local Officials Anxious about Cleanup Plans for Former South Weymouth NAS

Weymouth officials are questioning the Navy’s plans for cleaning up the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station, Mass., as the deadline approaches for the LRA and the Navy to complete a final agreement on the terms of an economic development conveyance for 700 acres.

The concerns of officials from Weymouth focus on the Navy’s intention to remediate the property to a level that would allow existing uses rather than a standard appropriate for the site’s reuse plan, reports the Boston Herald.

In August, the South Shore Tri-Town Development Corp. agreed to a term sheet for the EDC calling for it to pay the Navy $2 million initially, $10 million over a period of 10 years and 5 percent of real estate sales. The deal is contingent, however, on the Navy’s plans to complete the base’s environmental cleanup. The deadline to reach a final agreement is Nov. 15.

Despite the concerns, the LRA and the region’s congressional delegation believe the transfer remains on track.

“It appears to me that we’re striking a very good balance and a very good accord. … I have every assurance that we will make the November 15 deadline,” Kevin Donovan, CEO of the Tri-Town Development Corp., told the paper.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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