Marine Corps Establishes Installations Command

The Marine Corps on Saturday stood up the Marine Corps Installations (MCI) Command, a new organization that will join MCI East, MCI West and the newly formed MCI Pacific.

The new command will serve as the single authority for all of the service’s installation matters, and will supervise MCI regional commanders, establish policies, exercise oversight and prioritize resources to optimize installations support to the operating forces and tenant commands, according to a written statement from the Marine Corps. MCI Command is intended to create efficiencies for the Corps by reducing organizational layers.

The command, which will be headed by Maj. Gen. James Kessler, is scheduled to reach full operational capability on Sept. 30, 2012.

On Friday the service activated MCI Pacific, a new command responsible for managing installations in Japan, South Korea and Hawaii. The move, which also involves the disestablishment of Marine Corps Bases Japan (MCBJ), will free up the commander of III Marine Expeditionary Force from directing installation functions.

“This is an exciting time for the Marine Corps as we move installation support into a new direction. It’s the right move for the Corps. My comfort level is extremely high as we unfurl the colors of MCIPAC and close the proud legacy of MCBJ,” Maj. Gen. Peter Talleri, MCIPAC’s first commander, said during a ceremony at Camp Foster in Okinawa.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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