Maryland is Ready for BRAC Influx

Following four years of comprehensive planning needed to accommodate growth across five installations, Maryland is in position to absorb up to 20,000 direct jobs this year, and as many as 60,000 total jobs before 2015, according to the state’s 2010 BRAC Progress Report. The Governor’s BRAC Subcabinet, established four years ago, has focused on making sure the state’s host communities have adequate roads and other infrastructure, along with a workforce with the necessary skills to fill the jobs coming to Maryland, reports Federal News Radio.

The report details an array of programs intended to help Maryland take advantage of the military growth: a BRAC internship website, a new down-payment assistance match for BRAC families and BRAC higher education fund grants. The report also lays out priorities for the BRAC subcabinet in 2011, including work to build and maintain a highly qualified workforce pipeline, and legislative commitments to protect funding for the state’s BRAC zones.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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