Monterey Mayors Decry Elimination of Redevelopment Agencies

Seven mayors from the Monterey Bay area on Monday sharply criticized last month’s move by the state to effectively eliminate California’s redevelopment agencies, saying it strips away local governments’ best tool for creating jobs and revitalizing communities.

The two bills signed last month by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) could place efforts to redevelop Fort Ord’s 28,000 acres at risk, said Marina Mayor Bruce Delgado. The group of local officials also said they back the lawsuit the California League of Cities and California Redevelopment Association plan to file later this week to block the legislation from going forward, reported the Monterey Herald.

The legislation, which made up one component of the state’s budget, requires the state’s redevelopment agencies to pay the state $1.7 billion initially and $400 million annually afterward if they want to continue operating.

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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