Navy Not Eager for New BRAC Round, Top Officer Says

The Navy is not anxious to hold a new round of base closures as it doesn’t have a lot of excess capacity, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert said last week.

“I’m very satisfied with our laydown of our bases as we look around the world,” Greenert told reporters after an all hands call at Naval Station Mayport, Fla. “People ask me, do you have the need? Do you see a great need for BRAC? I say, no, I don’t.”

The Navy’s primary East Coast bases remain in the service’s long-term plans, Greenert stated.

“We have Mayport, and we have Hampton Roads. We have two fine fleet concentration areas there on the East Coast, good balance there with, you know, with Connecticut with submarines,” he said.

Greenert’s comments stand in stark contrast to those of Army and Navy officials, who have argued they urgently need a BRAC round to address excess infrastructure and personnel levels which are slated to come down over the next several years.

Craig Quigley, executive director of the Hampton Roads (Va.) Military and Federal Facilities Alliance, applauded the comments by the Navy’s top officer.

“I would rather hear the CNO say that than something else — that they’re very aggressively seeking BRAC,” said Quigley, reported the Washington Post.

“But it’s certainly nothing that we’re ever going to take for granted,” he noted.


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