Navy Projects Slight Uptick in End Strength by 2020

The number of Navy personnel will increase by 3,000 sailors over the next five years to 328,000, according to the service’s current plans.

The service now is planning the composition of the fleet of sailors it projects it will need in 2025, reports

“We kind of have a sense of what the fleet looks like, now we can have conversations about what the sailors of 2025 will look like. It is a matter of attracting and keeping the sailors to man that fleet,” said Cmdr. Chris Servello, spokesman for the chief of Navy Personnel.

The service’s planned growth will allow it to maintain a global presence into the future. It also means officials are focusing on recruiting and retention.

“We think the stability and the numbers we have gives us the ability to carry out the traditional presence mission that people think of when they think of the Navy,” Servello said. “Now it’s time to focus on modernization from a people standpoint. How do we remain competitive when it comes to bringing talented folks in and keeping them?”

The Navy now is considering multiple approaches to expand career options for sailors, including providing new educational opportunities and ways for sailors to take time off and re-enter service, and varying their sea schedule, according to the story. 

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen

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