New York Lawmakers Push to Ease Transition for Military Spouses

Legislation introduced in the New York State Assembly would streamline the process for military spouses to transfer professional licenses and certifications when moving to the state.

“When a family is stationed in a new state, the hosting state should streamline the licensing process in order to make their lives as easy as possible. Similar legislation has previously passed the state Senate; we have to get this bill to the floor as soon as possible to make New York more suitable for veterans and all New Yorkers,” said Assemblyman David DiPietro (R), one of the cosponsors of Assembly Bill 2590.

The measure would require state occupational licensing boards to allow military spouses to practice their occupation if the requirements of the license or certification they hold for another jurisdiction are “substantially equivalent” to New York’s. The individual also would need to demonstrate competency in the occupation either through recent experience or the completion of continuing education credits.     

“The current laws do a disservice to families with a member in the armed forces,” said Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R), another cosponsor of the bill. “In many cases, spouses of armed service members cannot afford to remain unemployed when they relocate, due to the military obligations of a family member, to an area where their license is not held valid,” he said, reported the Daily News.


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